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2. BettSettPro   (09.12.2023 12:24)
Bayern Munich vs GalatasarayIn sum, Bayern Munich’s preparation for the titanic clash with Manchester United is clouded by several concerns, from simmering pressure on Tuchel, defensive insecurities, tactical maladjustments to erratic league form. However, the capacity for adroit management and adept adjustment means that these stumbling blocks, while formidable, are not insurmountable.So, Bayern thought sacking Tuchel would magically fix everything, didn’t they? Yet here they are, still grappling with sometimes underperforming team and a board stuck in the past. The sextuple triumph? A cruel joke that set Bayern on a pedestal too high to maintain. It’s clear that Bayern Munich issues are rooted deeper than they dared to admit.
Read more here: https://www.wireismusic.com/whats-going-wrong-bayern-munich/
| Город: Pattaiya

1. Наталья   (01.10.2015 09:26)
| Город: Окуловка


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